Delivering Performance for Growth.


Do you have the capabilities for dealing with your issue? What would contribute to improved performance?

Your marketing and selling activity might feel sometimes like it’s not ‘on track’ with your business objectives and strategies – have those functions understood and ‘bought in’ to your business purpose? Have you communicated it with clarity?

Do you lack conviction that your marketing and sales investment is being used effectively and efficiently to achieve the targeted behavioural changes that will enable your business success?

It could be that marketing and sales functions are not working in sync, lack a common agenda, or do not share a framework for developing a cohesive and aligned plan.

You may be trying to bring about a consistent improvement in sales effectiveness across diverse Lines of Business, within a volatile, uncertain and complex environment of changing customer needs and structures.

Maybe you believe that you’re not winning enough new business, or lacking a strategy for building loyalty and retaining those customers you already have.

‘Getting closer to the customer’ has become a business priority for many, but when you succeed in ‘getting closer’  do you have relevant, compelling and differentiated propositions?

Are these propositions communicated to your customer* clearly and convincingly …  Do you have the right ammunition but perhaps don’t use it effectively?

* the shape, size or nature of your customer of course varies depending on your business  – they could be consumers, shoppers, retailers, wholesalers, distributors, procurement managers, patients, professionals …

Take a moment to think about your own business and how you would describe that key issue that you’d like to address ….  writing it on a post-it note is a great way to focus your thinking and give the issue some clarity!

Foot Forward Strategies exists to help clients find and implement pragmatic solutions to business issues – solutions that :

  • address genuine needs
  • identify and promote differentiating benefits of product, brand or service
  • understand and reflect customer experience
  • engage and motivate employees
  • work effectively, cost-efficiently and consistently
  • attract new business and strengthen existing customer relationships as a platform for future business


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