Delivering Performance for Growth.


My purpose is to inspire leaders to see, feel and action the change that will improve the performance of their organisations

I do this by partnering with them in the discovery, crafting and implementation of pragmatic solutions to real business issues

For many clients this means building their organisation’s capability to develop and deliver relevant, differentiated and compelling marketing and selling propositions to prioritised stakeholders (consumer, shopper, patient, retailer, procurement manager, professional, distributor …)

For others the improvement will come from focused attention on developing the talent and leadership in their business, learning new ways to collaborate internally and externally, building alignment across functions or lines of business, discovering real insights that make behavioural change possible 

It’s about getting the balance right – what is needed for achieving today’s business objectives, and needed for achieving tomorrow’s

Take a moment to think about your own business and how you would describe that key issue that you’d like to address ….  writing it on a post-it note is a great way to focus your thinking and give the issue some clarity!


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